Pre-Professional Club 5K/10K

The pre-professional club put on their annual 5K/10K roadrace this morning. They got lucky this year because it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful morning. I heard from one guy that last year it was snowy and windy. Yuck! None of that today, though! I decided to run the 10K–mainly because I figured there would be less competition and thus, a better shot at winning :). Although, there was less competition, there was a beast of a woman who ended up winning it. Ok, I should clarify, she didn’t look beastly, she just ran beastly :). Needless to say, I was impressed. I took second–a ways behind first and a ways ahead of third. I ran a time of 40.37. Pretty fast, right? Well, I have to admit that the course was a little short. So I’m not sure what my time would’ve been had I run the full 10K distance, but I felt pretty fast :).
Taber and Fr. Andrew also ran the race. Taber did the 5K(ended up getting 2nd!) and Fr. Andrew ran the 10K. I forgot my camera at home so no post-race pics. Sorry!
Check out the sweet shirts!

They threw a few coupons in with our registration packet. Free grease-ball burger from Nick’s.  Yay! 🙂

My prize for second place was a $20 gift certificate to a hair salon. But, because of NCAA rules, I couldn’t accept it because I’m on the cross-country team. Oh well, I wasn’t too bummed.

They had fruit, chewies, and water at the finish line so I grabbed some of that to refuel and then headed home. I decided to have breakfast out on the deck. Toast with PB and yogurt and a glass of milk–hit the spot!

The sunshine felt so good! I soaked it in for a while before getting showered up for the day. 

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