Job at Pizzeria and Lunch at Bistro

This morning I had a job interview at Sundried Tomato Pizzeria. It went really well, and they decided to hire me. Yay! I finally feel like I’ve got my summer plans figured out–definitely a good feeling! 🙂

Danielle and I decided to go to the Cottonwood Bistro today for lunch. We split a proscuitto ham and pineapple pizzette–good stuff!

It was so gorgeous out today so we decided to eat outside.

I ordered an iced hazelnut latte, and at first the latte boy came out with a regular latte. I really wasn’t feelin’ a hot drink so I ended up asking him to make it iced. I felt bad, but luckily he was really good about it. He said he got excited about doing the latte art and didn’t hear me say “iced”. Haha! I think he might be my Taylor :).

I’m afraid I’m gonna miss this girl way more than I realize :(.

After Danielle left for home, I went to McCrory Gardens and walked around for a bit. After a little bit of scoping, I found “my bench”–a little ways off the beaten path and perfectly shaded :). I gave Mom a call and talked to her for a little while, and then I pulled out a pen and paper and made a list of my summer plans.

This summer is gonna be full of fun. I know it! 🙂


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