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Brookings Half Marathon

I ran in the Brookings half marathon this morning. The weather was gorgeous–sunny and no wind! It couldn’t have been any better. Mom got up SUPER early this morning and made the trip up to Brookings to watch me run. It was such a nice surprise! Mom, you’re the best :).

The race started at 7am with 300 runners in the half marathon and over 200 runners in the full marathon. We all started at the same time and ran the same course until about mile 11 when the full marathoners split off.

We started at Pioneer Park.

The starting line was a little bit packed but that made it all the more exciting!

Running by my future apartment–only about 5 miles into the race.

Running past Cottonwood–about 6.5 miles into the race.

Running through Larson Park–about 9 miles into the race.

Finishing back at Pioneer Park–my official time was 1:36:57. A PR by far :).

I got third overall for the women, and they loaded me down with some awesome garb–technical short-sleeved shirt and half-zip, socks, a plaque, and a finisher’s medal. Good stuff! 🙂

Afterwards, I showered up and Mom and I had lunch at Cottonwood. Then we walked around downtown and hung out for a little bit before I had to go to work at one-o’ clock.

I was SO glad Mom came up. Her cheering definitely kept me motivated throughout the race. Thanks, Mom! 🙂


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Pre-Professional Club 5K/10K

The pre-professional club put on their annual 5K/10K roadrace this morning. They got lucky this year because it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful morning. I heard from one guy that last year it was snowy and windy. Yuck! None of that today, though! I decided to run the 10K–mainly because I figured there would be less competition and thus, a better shot at winning :). Although, there was less competition, there was a beast of a woman who ended up winning it. Ok, I should clarify, she didn’t look beastly, she just ran beastly :). Needless to say, I was impressed. I took second–a ways behind first and a ways ahead of third. I ran a time of 40.37. Pretty fast, right? Well, I have to admit that the course was a little short. So I’m not sure what my time would’ve been had I run the full 10K distance, but I felt pretty fast :).
Taber and Fr. Andrew also ran the race. Taber did the 5K(ended up getting 2nd!) and Fr. Andrew ran the 10K. I forgot my camera at home so no post-race pics. Sorry!
Check out the sweet shirts!

They threw a few coupons in with our registration packet. Free grease-ball burger from Nick’s.  Yay! 🙂

My prize for second place was a $20 gift certificate to a hair salon. But, because of NCAA rules, I couldn’t accept it because I’m on the cross-country team. Oh well, I wasn’t too bummed.

They had fruit, chewies, and water at the finish line so I grabbed some of that to refuel and then headed home. I decided to have breakfast out on the deck. Toast with PB and yogurt and a glass of milk–hit the spot!

The sunshine felt so good! I soaked it in for a while before getting showered up for the day. 

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SDSU Indoor Triathlon

I did it! I completed my first triathlon this morning! Ok, I’m not sure if I can really call it a true triathlon, but it makes me sound hard core so I have been 🙂 . The race was all indoors at the SDSU Wellness Center. It consisted of 10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes of biking, and 20 minutes of running. We had 10 minutes to transition from the pool to the bikes and five minutes to transition from the bikes to the treadmills. They had us go in flights with about 6 or 7 of us going at a time. 
They kept track of each racer’s distances. These were my final results.
Swim: 18.5 laps(0.2913 miles)
Bike: 14.1 miles
Run: 2.77 miles
Total: 17.16 miles
I didn’t win overall, but I did win the running portion for the females. Yay! I’m supposed to go pick up my prize sometime today. I’m excited to see what it is 🙂 .
The number on the arm makes me look pretty intense–don’t you think? 🙂
I tried to not look super tired in this post-race pic. It didn’t exactly work. Blah!

Once I got home, I was famished so I had a bagel with PB and honey. It hit the spot! 

After eating and chattin’ with Danielle, I took a hot shower–glorious!
We are spending the afternoon at Cottonwood(our favorite place for hittin’ the books). 

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St. Patty’s Day Race

Yesterday was the St. Patty’s Day Race in Sioux Falls. My younger sister, Danielle, and I ran the 5 mile race at 9am, and my older sister, Marie, and my mom ran the 5K race at 11:30am. It was a gloomy day with temps aroung 35 degrees. Not great spectator weather, but it was nice for running. Despite the course being extremely muddy in a couple areas, I still beat my last year’s time by over two minutes! I was pumped! I ran 33:10. Continue reading


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