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Brookings Half Marathon

I ran in the Brookings half marathon this morning. The weather was gorgeous–sunny and no wind! It couldn’t have been any better. Mom got up SUPER early this morning and made the trip up to Brookings to watch me run. It was such a nice surprise! Mom, you’re the best :).

The race started at 7am with 300 runners in the half marathon and over 200 runners in the full marathon. We all started at the same time and ran the same course until about mile 11 when the full marathoners split off.

We started at Pioneer Park.

The starting line was a little bit packed but that made it all the more exciting!

Running by my future apartment–only about 5 miles into the race.

Running past Cottonwood–about 6.5 miles into the race.

Running through Larson Park–about 9 miles into the race.

Finishing back at Pioneer Park–my official time was 1:36:57. A PR by far :).

I got third overall for the women, and they loaded me down with some awesome garb–technical short-sleeved shirt and half-zip, socks, a plaque, and a finisher’s medal. Good stuff! 🙂

Afterwards, I showered up and Mom and I had lunch at Cottonwood. Then we walked around downtown and hung out for a little bit before I had to go to work at one-o’ clock.

I was SO glad Mom came up. Her cheering definitely kept me motivated throughout the race. Thanks, Mom! 🙂


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